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Sally's Puppy Page

Sally who is Pepper's daughter delivered her puppies via c-section on 1/4/2024. The puppies were very big and healthy and a natural delivery was just not possible. They have beautiful nice big heads. As you can see in the pictures they arrived like they had already been nursing a few days. Usually, puppies will lose a bit of weight after delivery but this litter did not. Sally and her puppies are all doing amazing. Max is the father of this litter. This litter is beautiful and has such a variety of shades. With the puppies being just days old they are mainly nursing and sleeping. I will start introducing them to different movements and scents this week. They will be ready for their new homes on March 1, 2024. 

We have one 14-week-old female available and ready for her new forever home. Dark Pink is currently available. 4/10/24 We were actually going to have her stay with us but have decided that the timing is not right. She has her first to rounds of vaccines and is sleeping in her crate at night and working on basic training.

updated 4/10/24

Dark Pink Female



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