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Our Goldens

our males

Max, Benz, and Buster all have a special place in our breeding program. They are all a wonderful representation of the Golden Retriever breed with many Champions on both sides of each of their pedigrees.

Max has a beautiful Golden coat and a wonderful headset with a big blocky head. He loves to play fetch and jump in the pond when you throw his ball. He has a very loving personality. He has produced beautiful Goldens for our program and is our current standing male.

Benz is our upcoming sire and such a sweet boy. He has a beautiful pedigree. I am so excited to watch him mature and see what the future holds for him. He has the absolute sweetest personality I could ever ask for. 

Buster started our program for us. He was our foundation Sire. Not only was he so irreplaceable in our program we were fortunate enough to have our children grow up with him for 14 years of their lives. He was the best boy ever and we will forever miss him. We are very grateful to be able to have shared 14 wonderful years with him and are able to see him through our current mothers and puppies. 


Our females

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