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The Rambis Family

Our home

Raising Golden Retrievers

We are located 20 minutes outside Terre Haute, Indiana. Our Golden Retrievers are a major part of our family. We love to take them to training classes and find the different areas where they excel. We encourage all our families to take their Golden Retriever puppy to attend puppy classes together. The rewards are endless.

All of our Golden Retrievers come from excellent pedigrees with GREAT CHAMPION LINES, SWEET TEMPERAMENT, AND GREAT LOOKS. Our puppies are surrounded by attention and love from day one to ensure you will be getting the sweetest addition from our family to yours. We do everything to make sure you are receiving a structurally sound puppy. Our Golden Retrievers have been OFA or PENN HIP tested prior to breeding. We breed within the guidelines of the Golden Retriever Club of America.


Our Story

Local Family Farm


My husband grew up raising Golden Retrievers and his family raised cattle. I grew up in our current home with love for all animals, especially dogs. From as early as I could I loved going to obedience classes with our dogs. I was raised with three wonderful German Shepards. We have been raising Golden Retrievers for the past 16 years. We also have 2 shih tzus, Tutu and Mochie that interact and play with the puppies. I am a full-time stay-at-home wife and mother and love every minute of it. 

Please go through our site meet us and enjoy. Picking out a puppy is a very serious commitment and we want to make sure the transition from our home to yours is the easiest for both your puppy and your family. We will do everything we can not only before your puppy goes home but after as well to help with the transition. You will continue to have any help you need after your puppy goes home. I love talking about our Goldens so please feel free to contact me!

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